Who are we, and what does “4D” mean anyway?

4D Ag-Center has been open since 2004, but some people still do not know who we are and what we do! Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about our company.

4D Ag-Center is a wholly owned subsidiary of 4 Dominica Ltd., a limited liability company registered in Dominica. The owners of 4D are Dominican citizens who came from Canada with a wealth of retail and business management experience. You might ask where the name “4D” came from. The intent of the founders of 4 Dominica Ltd was to create a company that has the interests of the people of Dominica in mind (For Dominica). We started as a humble organic pineapple farm in the mountains above Pointe Michel and Soufriere. Today we employ over a dozen employees at our Goodwill headquarters and other locations in addition to the indirect employment we create. We are proud to operate a for-profit company with the interests of all stakeholders in our hearts.

What do we do? We are most well known for being the premier agricultural supply store in Dominica. We are the top greenhouse and drip irrigation system installer, offering system design services customized to the specific needs of farmers. We carry a full range of agricultural supplies including agro-chemicals, propagation supplies, safety supplies, farm equipment, sprayers, brushcutters, and farm tools. We also serve the commercial and sport fisherman. A full range of hooks, line, rope, tackle, and boating supplies are available.

While agriculture and fisheries are our main lines of business, we continue to expand our product lines in an effort to test the consumer market. Many of our products cross industry lines and are of interest to the general public. For example, we offer electrical transformers, water pumps, generators, water hoses and parts, pet feed, and a selection of household tools. We have many products that the household gardener and hobbyist enjoy, like glass flower vases and decorative pots. Since we are always trying new items, you never know what you’ll find at 4D!

Last, but not least, we strive to offer the best possible prices. It is our intention to offer products at a fair and sustainable price while ensuring the lowest price in Dominica on all identical products that our competitors sell. You can rest assured that the prices we offer will not be beat. If you find a better price, tell us! We’ll fix it!